'THE GOOD NEWS STORY' (Community Edition)

'THE GOOD NEWS STORY' (Community Edition)

So there’s no way around it...this is awkward 😬

You remember the time we put up a video about telling the “Good News Story” right?

Well, what we have since discovered thanks to some thoughtful feedback from you guys is...we maybe didn’t tell it quite right! (Like I said - awkward!)

Rather than getting defensive, which let’s face it is everyone’s first reaction to criticism, we wondered:

What if we ACTUALLY LISTEN to the correction of our community?

What if we actually treasure this gift of collective wisdom that we call “church”?

What if we just humble ourselves, put our hands up and say “our bad”?

In response we went back to the drawing board and we’re now excited to announce the release of this revised community collaboration edition of “the Good News Story”.

This is the version we want our unsaved friends to hear.

This is the good news we want to light up the hearts of those who have only known cold religion.

This is the version we want you to help us share with the world.

Thanks for pointing out where we could have been clearer and having our backs - now let’s keep partnering together. Let’s spread this Good News far and wide. After all this is Good News worth sharing.

-Rend Collective

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