Sing It From The Shackles

Sing It From The Shackles
Have you ever felt imprisoned or stuck in your life circumstances? Honestly, we’ve been there. Days where it’s been hard to get out of bed, days where we’re not sure anything we do matters, days where we feel like we’re spiralling out of control. Paul and Silas were actually stripped and beaten before being thrown in the most securely guarded cell in the prison. In the midst of that humiliation, despair and pain, they chose to worship. As they sang the prison doors flung open and their shackles fell off. We believe this story isn’t just an allegory or specific to them-- we ALL have access to the same power of God. We all have the ability to sing in our darkest moments. We hope this song gives you an anthem for the dark nights of the soul, and encourages you to sing His praise from the shackles!

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  • So grateful for a faithful One. He continuously sets our feet on solid ground, free from bondage to iniquity. Truly he is like a mighty man of war, always stirring up his zeal and defeating our foes! Blessed be The Name

    Aaron on
  • I have known some of your songs for years, but only truly discovered who ‘Rend Collective’ is in the last few days. God has been giving me lyrics to your songs in my days of darkness and filling me with his love and hope. I feel like I have just discovered this incredible treasure, the music, the lyrics, the love and passion that God has poured out through you. It has been like he has been breathing for me. Our God truly is amazing. Thank you for being totally available and radically obedient.

    Jeanie on
  • I remember growing up with Rend Collective music, and loving it! My family is Of Irish/Scotish descent and we just love you guys. But what’s been great is being able to share your music with all my friends. Now whenever I go to a friend’s house or jump in their cars…REND COLLECTIVE is all I hear! God bless you guys.

    Rhiley, from down under!

    Rhiley Fleming on
  • I live how in the scriptures how it says ALL the chains came off… not just for them but those listening too.
    What if our praise helps breaks our communities chains too!

    Chris Geldard on
  • Great Song! Love it!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

    Thomas on

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