Revival Anthem

Revival Anthem

This is our Revival Anthem!

We’ve heard of so-called “secular Europe” - we just don’t believe it.

God is on the move and we will not be brainwashed by the propaganda of the Enemy that tells us otherwise.

Not even on the heartbreaking day we stepped up to the mic at Phoenix Park in Dublin, which was prepared for over a million Catholic Christians to attend the Pope’s visit and we saw a tiny fraction of that number, standing scattered and defeated like the dry bones littering the valley.

We believe because we’ve heard an anthem rising up. 

I heard it in what I believe to be the voice of God, rousing me from my sleep at 3 am in the middle of a winter’s night, with a promise to breathe life upon my homeland, like divine CPR.

I’ve heard it in the war cries of 3000 German worshippers, rattling Hell’s gates in Stuttgart.

I’ve heard it deep underground in a grimy club in Budapest.

I’ve heard it ring out in the capital of my own blood-stained city of Belfast.

In Dublin.

In Sweden.

In the Faroe Islands.

Across North America.

To the ends of the earth

Because there are no Godless spaces.

This is our revival anthem.

Can you hear it? 

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  • I live in Colorado, USA. Was looking forward to the tour date here, but that will have to wait. In the meantime, my family wishes to lift you all up in prayer. You have reached the world with the gifts God has blessed you with. We stand with you in revival and pray God’s peace for you as the world fears these times. We will not be shaken as children of God. May God be with you as you continue to spread the Word through your music.

    VInce MOoney on
  • I was at your first concert in Alexandria MN. I remember it like it was yesterday and I remember that your band was not ¨ showy¨ at all and I would definitely say your band is by far my favorite band. My two favorite pump up songs are Revival Anthem, and Resurrection Day. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jacob on
  • Could you tell me how I go about getting the sheet music for this song Revival Anthem? I have a group of boys who want to perform this song at their talent show in April. Thank you for your help. The instruments they’d like to play are trombone, drums, electric guitar and keyboard.

    lynelle on
  • Hi! We LOVE your music! My sons ( 8 and 9 years old ) sing a lot of them almost by heart. I’ve shared your music with a lot of people in South Africa, and it really encourages them on dark days and uplifts our hearts in worship to the LORD of LORDs. Thank you sooo much!!!

    Nadia Brummelkamp on
  • Rend collective oh the Holy Spirit come out every time not only you play the Hood Lords music that your team of jesus and his beautifull Creation that Blessed with a huge heart jesus says In my max lucado christian devotional just like Jesus we give hi. ALL OUR HEART NOT A PORTION NOT HALF AND ITS HEART SOMETMETIMES LET HIM EMBRACE OUR LIVES but anyway I remember seeing yallembrace Gids love at Golden one center a few years back and the fidbthe Ireland version of oceans by hillsong ong jesus was dancing everywhere just like when we devote our operational Goal to know the one true Risen King Hallejuhah Andrww C

    Andrew camm on

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