“For the Good Lord is the Way, the Truth, the Life.”

We have loved seeing “Rescuer” connect in such an overwhelming way over the last few weeks. For us it’s so much more than a song but a work of evangelism - a way to spread the simple, miraculous good news of Jesus Christ. Throw around the gospel like confetti folks - it’s the only way to live fully alive!


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  • From the grammar of the previous lines I believe that it means for the person that religion has failed. I know there are people who have hurt by “religious” people. Jesus calls us to a relationship, not a religion. That is my interpretation for what it’s worth. :)

    Christina on
  • I really like the song Rescuer, but I was wondering what you mean by:
    “The one religion failed
    For the good Lord has come to seek and save”

    Rick Nafziger on

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