People always ask us if faith “is dead” in the UK. But it’s weeks like the first week of this tour that always make us laugh a little at that question. It’s when we can’t hear our own voices above the sound of the praise, when sweat is dripping off the ceiling and the presence of the Holy Spirit is almost touchable that this question seems comical. Not sure why, but it’s always when we’re playing in the UK that the voices are the loudest and we find we can barely sing over them. Maybe it’s because we have so much practice chanting at football matches, or centuries of hymn singing in our church tradition. Gets me thinking though, that sometimes I think we should be more expectant. When two or three are gathered, Jesus will always be in their midst, and this tour is no different.

- Patrick 

Liverpool, UK
Feb 4, 2018

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  • What a gifted bunch, bless you all your ministry is producing fruit. Thank you for making our driving time so enjoyable! My children and I love singing with you, there’s nothing more beautiful for a mother than to hear her children worshipping Our beautiful Saviour. Our family would love to see you in Oz.

    Marcela Ball on
  • I am loving reading all this. A year ago living in Australia I had never heard of Rend Collective until someone played a youtube clip at church. Now it’s taking over. I went to a women’s weekend conference and Rend was played a number of times during worship. Now I am sold out to the incredible ministry Rend Collective have, and how I see God using them mightily, especially to reach young people. I wrote a book about Forgiveness, and at the end of the book I quoted Rend’s song and had a picture of a persons wrists with chains breaking off them. I also used Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge in Ireland on the cover that Rend walked across, and we are going to walk there too. I chose the bridge depicting forgiveness can be a hard journey to walk, but when we get to the other side we find freedom. In May I am travelling from Australia with my 3 teenage grandchildren and son to see Rend play in Dublin on 20 May, all our trip was booked to fit in with this concert. I am expecting a miracle in the life of my son and grandies at this concert. God Bless and keep you all. You guys are awesome!!

    Sandie on
  • I said the same thing to my husband after the Newcastle concert. Faith is NOT dead in this country. The Holy Spirit poured into the city hall. Thank you

    Leanne on
  • Thank you for an amazing night in Cambridge.The Concert was filled with the Holy Spirit and God’s power which touched me in many ways.Thank you so much for your ministry.

    Claire Waller on
  • I am so excited about tonight’s concert in Cambridge. I really wanted to go but circumstances prevented me.However God had other plans and I can now go thanks to a wonderful Christian friend !! I am so excited about tonight’s concert.I have been listening to your CD for the last few hours and I already massively feel God’s presence,so I know tonight’s concert is going to be amazing ! I strongly believe the power of God will be so evident tonight and heart’s will be set on fire for the Lord. I am an Enniskillen girl so I know I will also be homesick tonight ! I came to know the Lord through your Pastor, Davy Beckett as a young girl,many years ago when he started the Elim Church in Enniskillen and then grew up with another Pastor ,after him,who also went on to Bangor Elim,Richard McBirney.So Rend Collective has an even more special place in my heart.All the best tonight guys and as they say in Northern Ireland,get in there !!

    Claire Waller on

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