Great Games for Family Fun!

Great Games for Family Fun!
I love playing games with the kids. It a time to connect with them, and see where they are at with a bunch of skills like math, comprehension and reading. Its's also a good opportunity to teach fairness, patience and the art of losing with dignity. A tricky one to master!!!

Here are a few recommendations for various age groups:

Ages 2-3: Hungry hippos or pop the pig is a super starter game for littles as young as 2. The skill required is minimal, it's a ton of fun and also a sneaky way to teach colours and counting.

Ages 4-5: SORRY is a great game for developing character although it might take some time. This game helps kids develop decision making, strategy and dealing with being “sent home.” The junior Clue and Monopoly are also winners.

Ages 6+: We have recently been enjoying No Stress Chess a whole lot. It's a great introduction to the game of chess and goes right up to challenging us adults. This is also a great game for decision making, strategy and memory.

Happy Playing!

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