A conflict not unlike Batman Vs Superman in my opinion! 
What am I talking about? 
Well... I just mean they’re two things that can conflict spectacularly or they can work together very powerfully. 
There is such a thing as a worshipful performance - if the onstage heart and the offstage lifestyle of the performer is worshipful.
If the performance is an outward demonstration of the “worth-ship” of God, presented against a backdrop of quiet obedience, integrity and sacrifice for His name then performance can certainly be worship.
However if a performance is designed to enthrone the performer and unseat God as the centre of attention and admiration (a hopeless task incidentally given how magnificent He is), it’s not worship and should have no place in Christian Music.

This is our heart going into this tour. We want God to feel honored by these nights. 



Northern Ireland

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  • Thank you- Rend collective - so much. Possibly prohesying to you that you will someday teach what true worship is: That God is using you as an example already. As part of a worship team myself I truly believe The Lord will school us all- and it will be glorious—- to honor Him, to be part of it all, to witness all glory and honor wholly and holy given to Him with consist excellence and purity of heart.

    Charlie on
  • My husband and I recently came to worship with you in Grove City, Ohio. Nearly 5 years ago our 16 month old girl, Nalani, was unexpectedly taken into Glory. Our deep grief was mixed with the hope of the Good News. Good news that Jesus made away for us all. Good news that she was in the presence of our King and honoring Him in a way we have yet to experience. The service held at the time was marked as a season of celebration for us and we shared loud, authentic praise to our Father for the time we had her in our arms and for the knowledge that she was indeed where we hope to be soon. “Build Your Kingdom Here” was a song we requested to be played then, because our main desire was, and is, to see His kingdom further and grow. Sometimes (often) that is accomplished through much pain. We simply prayed He use our lives to accomplish His will. Now, 4 years down the road… some sweet friends sent us to worship with you as we celebrated Nalani’s birthday. We honestly hadn’t heard much of the Good News album yet and heard “Weep with me” for the first time ever that evening. The words you shared about meeting your young friend (and her parents) through Make A Wish was so encouraging. I needed a word on lament. To hear it verbalized that it is an acceptable offering and how that is modeled in the Scriptures was just a salve to my Mama heart on this grief journey. Thank you for your obedience in bringing the pure gospel message to many through the ministry the Lord has given you. I’m thankful for the musical talents He has blessed you with, but more so for the authentic hearts you seem to have for the Lord and for others. Be encouraged that what you’re doing day to day, which may seem mundane, repetitive, and exhausting sometimes is part of something that brings much life and healing to many. We know our story is one of countless marked by tragedy, brokenness, and unfathomable pain.
    By sharing, we want to say thank you. We always wish for our story to be overshadowed by His GREATER story of love and redemption. More of Him and less of us….. Grateful for you and what the Lord is doing through you.

    Melia on

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