If you've been following along for a while, then you know this record is our most prophetic and carefully thought through message we’ve ever had on a record up until this point. It really all began by waking up in the morning picking up our phones and realising for months straight we hadn’t gotten any good news - it’s wall-to-wall bad news. You’re hearing about crises and crashes, and people dying and I think it can just be completely overwhelming to know what to do. But the word “gospel” actually means “good news”.

We as Christians are called to not just hear good news but to embody that good news practically as well as spiritually.

In a world full of bad news, because of Christ inside of us, we can be good news to the poor and broken-hearted, to the people who feel like they’re captive to sin, addiction, even just life. We can embody this good news of Jesus and we can proclaim a message to a world who thinks sometimes Christianity is at the forefront of telling people bad news. It’s about trying to think of ways to creatively express the loving heart of God in a way and in a language that actually communicates it to a hurting world. 

This last year since releasing the Good News album that question has been at the forefront of our minds in everything we've done: does this sound like the good news of Jesus? Will people come away from our nights of worship not just entertained but with an encounter with the joy of the Lord? When they turn on our music in their car or homes, will it invite them into the goodness of God? We hope this album has stirred hope and joy in your hearts, that it's caused you to realise that God is so incredibly good.  - Rend Collective

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  • I came on your site to find a way to contact you to say THANK YOU for this album. It has gotten me through the hardest 2 years of my life with the death of my dad amongst many other things as well. I’m truly thankful for your music. Especially “Weep with me”. I have never sang along to a song more passionately than this one. Thank you for all you do! I pray God continues to bless you!

    Allie on
  • I saw you in Kansas City on your Good News tour and again at WinterJam in KC. You are my favorite band! My daughter and I love listening to you together and I have recommended your songs to a couple of our girls in our youth group. Ressurection day is a good one for youth kids who are really struggling with getting past what they have done in the past. Thank you for writing such awesome songs that we can worship and tap our foot to. You guys are amazing.

    Karen Sampson on
  • I saw ya all at winter jam in Oklahoma and was blown away! In the weeks following I have been listening to all your music. It is full of a type of truth and beauty that I haven’t really experienced in a worship band here in the US. The love you have for the Lord shines through and sets my heart on fire as well. Keep up the good work! I am excited to continue to watch and see what the Holy Spirit does through ya all! Please come back to Oklahoma :)

    Ramona Hicks on
  • Thank you for being a part of winter jam this year. I was so excited when I found out that you were going to tour with winter jam. I hope to see y’all in Oklahoma City again. I love your music. Again thank you!

    Tim Mountford on

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