Have you ever felt like you can’t go on? 

Dark days when it feels like the world is too far gone?  When you want to quit the thing you’ve been called to do? We have had those moments before too, seasons where we struggle to get out of bed, let alone doing the work and ministry we love so much. 

Worship sometimes needs to be an act of defiance: joy an act of resistance.
Not that we brush everything under the rug and pretend it’s okay, but that we refuse to be buried by it. We march on - through the valley of shadows, through chaos and the the trials.

“Sing hallelujah for all hell to hear, shout out hosanna salvation is here!”

We hope wherever you are, that as you watch and listen to this music video, you’ll join us in raising our Jericho song and see the strongholds in your life crumble like sand.
- Rend Collective


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