Do you ever find yourself standing in a Sunday morning service feeling unworthy and timid because of some struggle with sin? Your internet search history, or your expletive littered argument with your husband, or whatever THAT sin is that keeps popping up like Whack-a-Mole in your life, stands obnoxiously between you and God, blocking your view of him like a tall person at a concert.

You may even have prayed for forgiveness and repented of the behaviour. You know you’re technically forgiven because you know your Bible. But you don’t FEEL forgiven. At least not fully. You reckon you can just about stand before God, but only by a technicality, only by the skin of your teeth - you certainly aren’t ready to get too close to him yet. And so you find yourself in the no-man’s-land limbo of T-rex worship, waiting until a sufficient time-period has passed for your holiness level to reset. It’s as though sin and forgiveness operate on the same principle as an incorrectly entered passcode - “Your access has been blocked for 5 Sundays”.

This kind of thinking is un-theological, unbiblical, unhealthy nonsense.

“It is finished!”

These three victorious words, declared amid the agony of the cross, let us know that our sin is dealt with once and for all.

We wrote this song because sense of condemnation you feel has no place in your present or your future. Thousands of years ago, on a bleak hill in the middle-East, all of your sin, and all of the shame that goes with it, was placed on the shoulders of your Messiah and nailed to the cross.




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