Your Name Is Power

Your Name Is Power

FINALLY. First new music of the year and we’re so grateful to get to share it with you, our wee internet family!

This song was born out of a need to remind ourselves of who is in control. As many of you may already know, Northern Ireland and the U.K. are going through a lot of political transitions that pose questions about the future that at times can feel overwhelming. But we know it’s not just the U.K. that is in a season of chaos and unknown— everywhere we turn seemingly there are issues. Some of them global, like the crisis in Sudan, or the protests in Hong Kong. Others are more private and no less overwhelming, loss of a family member, or job, seasons of doubt and confusion.

But here’s the thing friends, we have hope. There is an answer to the darkness, this IS hope among the chaos. His name is Jesus. His name scatters darkness, His name brings the dead back to life, and it’s at His name that every knee will bow and tongue confess Jesus is Lord.

There is power in the name of Jesus for his people to claim— that means you and I. Power to strengthen and encourage us. Power that only comes from Him. We hope this song encourages you to speak the power of His name over your circumstances WHATEVER they may be!

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  • Ever since I went to a concert you opened for and realized you should have been the main event, I have been blessed by your foot stomping, gospel proclaiming, positive message and this song is one of your best. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and devotion that births these uplifting joy celebrations.

    Darwin on
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    Adolph on
  • Hello, We would love to do this song in our parish, but cannot find a decent key or piano music. Looking for key of D….. vocal range in key of G is too high. Please advise

    Sharon on
  • Too Inspire…

    I was sitting in front of my mother in-laws’ little shop, sipping a beer, softly singing to the Lord, watching the frenetic Saigon traffic wiz by…T’was about midnight when three men pulled up on their bikes right in front of me…they just looked at me for a few minutes and then…

    The man nearest my right side lit a cigarette, handed it to me and said “thank you” … I gratefully accepted the cig and looked questioningly into his eyes…He tapped his ear and gave me a thumbs up (I always have an earphone in my left ear playing music that I sing along with…) … my eyes watered a bit — he can somehow hear my soft (you wouldn’t hear me if you were sitting next to me) singing? I wondered…

    Next, the man directly in front of me asked where I was from…I replied England…he replied…“amazing” …

    The third man, near my left side didn’t say anything, but had on the most beautiful blue t-shirt with the words “Inspired by Simplicity” embroidered on the front of it…*Simplicity is the name of one of the songs I sing along with…

    The song starts…“I come in simplicity, longing for purity to worship you in spirit and truth, only you”

    The Lord works in the most amazing ways…

    *Simplicity is song by Rend Collective.

    p.s. I’m half English, half Irish…and am 100% certain the throne of David is the British Throne…

    JustMe on
  • Great song with a great message. Our world is spinning out of control and we need encouraging music like this. As someone who does a lot of volunteer work helping others I listen to regain strength to continue to serve others… because HIS power lives in me

    Jean on

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