What about curating JOY?

What about curating JOY?

Okay, so think it’s safe to say we all have gotten comfortable with hitting the “unfollow” button on our various social media platforms! But what about curating JOY in your social media feeds? This year in particular caused us to reexamine our social media habits— what we consume, who we follow, why we follow them, how we feel after scrolling…. etc. While we’ve been tempted a number of times to give up on it altogether, for many of us it’s part of our jobs and livelihood so we knew we needed to find a way to curate an experience that left us feeling inspired, encouraged and recharged.

So here’s a list of feeds we’ve enjoyed following and we thought we’d share them here for you to enjoy too!

The Bible Is Funny- We think Anthony Russo who curates this account is brilliant. They are genuinely funny Bible-based memes that make us laugh every day! Also Chris was featured on their podcast last year if you want to give it a listen for a few laughs. 

North- an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing the spectacular nature scenes of specifically northern Europe (Norway, Faroe Islands, etc) The landscapes are stunning and just bring a sense of wonder about the beauty of this world.

Martha Collison- A Great British Bake Off quarter finalist, columnist for Waitrose and all around chef extraordinaire, we have loved following Martha for the past several years. Last time we played a gig in London (RIP gigs!!!) she brought us the best brownies we’ve ever tasted and now we’re lowkey obsessed with making everything she posts about on Instagram.

Strange Planet Comics— So chances are you’re likely already in the 6 million people who already follow this account online. But if not — what are you doing!? Go follow for Nathan’s hilarious and astute observations about how funny our human rituals and habits are. Always puts us in a better mood! 

Accidentally Wes Anderson— If you need some whimsy and colour in your feed, this is the account for you. It’s simply photo submissions from places around the world that invoke the feeling that you’re in a Wes Anderson film. Or even if you’re just a fan of quirky architecture and design, you’ll love this account.

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