The Lion of Judah roaring in your heart

The Lion of Judah roaring in your heart
You have NO IDEA how much fight you still have left in you.

Hey Friends,

At this point, I’ve actually watched the entire catalogue of every single streaming service I can think of. Even the baking shows and the weird dating shows at this point. (There should be a Great Blind British Bake Island).

So I’ve now resorted to reading, and I read something the other day that really got me thinking.

In this sports psychology book I picked up (“Endure” by Alex Hutchinson for those few that may care!), there’s a chapter about that strange/awesome phenomenon you hear about every so often, where a mother somehow dead-lifts a pickup truck to save her trapped son like one of 'The Incredibles.' Or some variation on that theme.

Where does that extra boost of strength come from?

How does a 10 stone/140lb lady somehow summon the might of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

The theory offered by the experts consulted for this book is that , under normal circumstances, our brains don’t give us access to all of our strength. This “central governor” mechanism as it’s called stops us hurting ourselves…but also from seeing our full physical potential. (But the minute you provoke a mama bear, that central governor runs for cover like any other sensible person in her path!)

The point is, you are far, FAR stronger than you think you are.

And that’s just physical strength - the author of my book isn’t taking the fact that we believe that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is living inside of us into consideration. (Romans 8:11)

Resurrection power - the kind of power that conquers death so decisively that it REVERSES it - is within us right now.

Not only do you, yourself, have more strength than you may ever know, you also know the One who has limitless strength.

You don’t need another email telling you about “these uncertain times” to know that this has been hard.

Maybe you feel like you’re being stretched and tested WAY beyond your capacity. Like you’re hanging on a ledge and your grip is starting to go. Like you just “don’t got this”.

What I’m saying today is I believe you’ve got this. I believe you haven’t even begun to see what you’re capable of. I reckon you could dead-lift that pickup truck if you had to.

But way more important than what I think about you is what I know about God.

Even if you should fail or falter, HE’s definitely got this.

Whatever challenges you're facing, whatever you’re up against today, it’s no match for the mighty strength of the Lion of Judah roaring in your heart.

You’ve got this.

Rend Co.

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