Our Top 3 Favourite Places to Play

Our Top 3 Favourite Places to Play

So perhaps we were just feeling nostalgic for the old days of touring, but we were reminiscing about our favourite shows and thought we’d share. (Remember live shows? Nah, us neither.)

We obviously haven’t included our Dublin and Belfast shows in this list because hometown shows are just special and we’re super biased towards them! 🤣

Each night on the road has it’s own kind of beauty and magic, but there are some places we play that ALWAYS bring a ton of energy and joy. It doesn’t matter if we’ve played there before or if it’s been years, there are some cities where people are just STOKED to worship and have fun which always leads to a memorable night.

First on the list is:

1. GLASGOW! Holy moly do you folks know how to party! Every time we visit it feels like the venue is going to be crushed under the weight of the sheer enthusiasm and energy. It’s always crowded and loud and just really, really good craic. We were gutted to have missed our UK tour last year and getting to play in Glasgow was a big reason why.

2.  GERMANY — Okay we got to play in Germany a few times on our last European tour and each night was so special. Because we don’t get to go to Germany as often as a band, we’re always surprised when we go back and you folks start singing our songs back to us at the top of your lungs in German! It’s INCREDIBLE! Can’t wait to be back again someday.

3. ATLANTA— When we’re playing in the States, we always have fun in Atlanta. You people know how to sing loud and bring a ton of joy. In particular, our gig at the Tabernacle will always go down as one of our all-time favourite shows because the Holy Spirit felt so near and everyone was smiling. We can’t wait to be back!

Of course there are tons of other places and cities that have created a home in our hearts, but it would be impossible to mention them all. Perhaps some honourable mentions would have to go to Bath, England for having the best coffee in the WORLD walking distance from the venue. If you live in Bath, please have some Colonna and Smalls for us. We miss it!

Grand Rapids also always ends up being one of the best nights of tour. One of our favourite stories is the story of a girl who showed up to a night of worship in Grand Rapids not knowing we were a Christian band but just because she found us on Spotify. She ended up giving her life to Jesus that night and it will always serve as such a good reminder that we don’t usually know the half of what God is up to behind the scenes at these nights.

We can’t wait to get back to these types of worship gatherings and hopefully we will when it’s safe enough to do so. In the meantime, we’re working on ways to stay connected as community here online. Do you feel like we missed somewhere? (spoiler alert: we definitely did!) 

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