This is what we get to do. Every. Single. Night. I still can't get over it. 

 I got asked in Q&A "any advice for people wanting to start a career in Christian music?" An innocent question but the answer is kind of dull. Write music, play music, send music to record labels and influencers, repeat. 

 The far deeper and more satisfying question is "How do I become an apostle, a minister of the Gospel, who may at times play music?" And the answer to that is just "sacrifice". Being willing to be overlooked and laid aside to prefer others. Serving at personal cost. And being bold in proclaiming the risen Jesus.

At this stage I have little interest in getting better at music... but I'm desperate to get better at serving God and others. 


Tampa, FL.

March 2, 2018 

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  • Thanks, Chris! I am a songwriter and also play at my church. I love “…I am desperate at getting better at serving God and others.” I feel exactly the same. If that happens through song, that is wonderful, I want to honor God in my writing, but also know there are multiples ways I can serve Him and others. My heart is open, my ears are listening.

    We saw you a few years back in a small Missouri town. So many distractions that night with sound, etc. Finally, you just came forward with your acoustic and said, “Let’s just worship together.” Then you spent a half hour outside the front door of the church and played and sang with those attenders who gathered in the circle with you. Your heart showed big time that night and your desire to serve the Lord and the people he has put right in front of you.

    Can’t wait to see you again Sunday, April 15 in St. Louis!

    Deb on
  • Goodness, yes! The bread and butter of ministry and the secret of the “do not grumble” in the sacrifice. Thanks for the reminder.

    Lydia on
  • I don’t have Irish in me, but the Jesus in me loves your hearts.

    Greg on
  • They shot confetti into the air for “Life is Beautiful” at Cherry Hills Community Church in Denver, CO on March 13th, 2018! Super awesome! Love them!

    SophieAnn on
  • Our adopted granddaughter, Aaliyah Faith (4 1/2) LOVES your music…..sings her heart out to “You Will Never Run”, “The Joy of the Lord” and “Rescuer” – looking forward to bringing her to Santa Ana next Friday, 3/18…..Thanks for your faithfulness in your music.

    Larry on

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