In the Chaos You See Glory: A Guest Post from Urban Rescue

“I want to see what you see, come and rearrange me Let your love be my kaleidoscope.”  Life has a way of throwing unpredictable circumstances at us that we can’t control. We experience loss, broken hearts, and pain beyond words. When I was in junior high, my parents got a divorce. Most people on the outside thought everything was fine, but I remember most days coming home and feeling like…

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Authenticity is a State of Heart – Not a Style of Worship.

The prophet Elijah trembled in his cave as a mighty wind tore up the mountain. But the LORD was not in it. He cowered as an earthquake shook him to the core. But the Lord was not in it. An inexplicable fire raged. But the Lord was not in it. But after the fire came an unassuming, gentle whisper.  And the LORD was in it. (1 Kings 19:11-13)   We…

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Why We Won’t Say Christianity is Dead in the UK

How do you stay grounded? The question rises up above the congregation and lingers, challenging the atmosphere. For the past three years we’ve led a night (or three!) of worship here at our home church in Bangor, Northern Ireland. And one weekend during every August we meet here for worship with our local church, and to share with our home church all the things God has been doing across the…

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