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Our Guide to Good Coffee

We in Rend Collective drink a LOT of coffee. I mean, a loooot of coffee. So when we’re on the road we usually try and get out into the town to check out the local coffee scene. Over the years we’ve compiled a list of all our favourite coffee spots so we’d thought we share them here on our wee blog! 1. Colonna & Smalls- Bath, England By far our favourite…

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Three Reasons Your Gift Might Be Your Calling

  I didn’t always know I was going to be a worship leader… My initial “understanding” of worship at that point was that it was a form of live, communal karaoke that used Hillsong United songs instead of Celine Dion! I didn’t even become a Christian until I turned 18. It can be confusing to discern whether or not our gifts have the potential to be more. But when I…

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The Truth About Living With People

As a band we spend a good portion of each year on a tour bus, and we often get asked what it’s like to spend so much time in such small space with ten other people. I think some times it could be easy to think it’s all morning chats over freshly brewed coffee, beautiful scenery rushing by as we drive across America or Europe, laughter and silliness that lasts…

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