Coming Home

There’s nothing like coming home— that warm blanket of familiarity, full of friends and family (and proper sausages!) This homecoming is no different. But as we prepare for The Art of Celebration UK tour, we can’t help but feel this one is special. From the beginning, The Art of Celebration has been a call to preach to ourselves that the joy of the Lord is our strength. And some of…

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The Art Of Celebration

We sat there, buried under several feet of American Midwest snow, one week into the first tour of the year. Mugs of steaming tea in hand, sweaters dawned, and baby Arthur wrapped like an Eskimo, we let the challenge fall on us with renewed intensity. Joy. Joy. Such a small word, with such immense depth. The past several years on the road introduced us to many sides of joy. We…

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All Things Campfire

All things Campfire… We decided that with our new album Campfire we didn’t want to just create an album but also a movement to call people into something new and costly in their walk with God and with one another. So we created the “Campfire Resource Pack”. Its free and available to download from our main website page. We highly recommend it and invite you to join us in charting…

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