A St. Patrick’s Day Devotional

Part of being from Northern Ireland, means being fiercely proud of our heritage. It also means we have a love for the many stories and legends of Saint Patrick. But our favourite story is one that’s been passed down through generations, and it revolves around a massive campfire and the faithfulness of the early church in Ireland.   As a part of keeping his Easter Vigil in celebration of Christ…

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When God Changes Your Plans- A blog from Ali on her birthday

Remember when you were little? Remember your plans to be an astronaut, a policeman, a ballerina? Now go back just a few years ago, maybe you planned to be married by now, or maybe you hoped to have started a business, or a family, be retired, or get that dream job, or just have any job!   The reality is life rarely goes the way we plan it. And some…

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Our Guide to Good Coffee

We in Rend Collective drink a LOT of coffee. I mean, a loooot of coffee. So when we’re on the road we usually try and get out into the town to check out the local coffee scene. Over the years we’ve compiled a list of all our favourite coffee spots so we’d thought we share them here on our wee blog! 1. Colonna & Smalls- Bath, England By far our favourite…

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